University and Interculture

University and Interculture

B2 level Italian language and culture course
Preparation for the admission test to the Italian faculties
Socio-cultural inclusion for non-EU students



The project stems from the desire to create a "bridge" which favors communication between two worlds, which develops new syntheses between the identity and traditions of the countries of origin and those of Italy.

A course that is not born only for didactic and pedagogical purposes, but also aims to deepen the concept of social and relational competence, understood as training the ability to listen, exchange, awareness, in an increasingly plural world.



The project is aimed at preparing for the Italian language and scientific disciplines, but it is also an educational space, in which demands of a social, professional and cultural nature converge. The teaching of the Italian language, logic, chemistry and biology become an opportunity to meet.

The inclusion of the course, active since 2018, within the educational community of Camplus Roma Pietralata, fully responds to the need to help non-EU students to integrate into an Italian community and Italian-speaking, which can be a continuous stimulus for learning the local language and culture, but also the focal point of integration in a multicultural context.

In addition to residential services, students participate in Camplus training activities: cultural and company visits, laboratory activities, workshops, meetings with professionals.
Alongside the training activities, the students of the project also participate in the community life of Camplus, through guided social moments in sharing with the Italian students residing within the same structure.



  • didactics of linguistic disciplines

  • didactics of specific disciplines for university tests of the chosen faculties

  • study methods and preparation for entrance tests

  • relational and social skills



700 hours per academic year distributed as follows:

  • 350 hours of Italian

  • 300 hours of specific disciplines for university tests of the faculties chosen by the project participants

  • 50 hours of intercultural activities